Monthly Recap: Februus!!!!

February, the month of Purification and Cleansing. Some shit I learned back in middle school. This month was filled with adventure and fascinating experiences. I traveled to the Valley of the Sun, picked up a classic viny, got to train with a legend. Come check out the Monthly Recap!

My Fanny Pack always get filled with random things from my travels.

El Valle Del Sol( Valley of the Sun…keep up)

Places I visited in AZ:
  • Sendona
  • RedRock State Park
  • Old Town Scottsdale
  • Goldfields Ghost Town
  • Roosevelt Row
  • Pemberton House

The vibes in AZ is like no other. First, let’s start with the feeling of time. Not really sure if there is a name for this, I’ll explain what I mean. So Boston is the small little cluster fuck. Everything is moving a million miles per hour. Everyone has a fucking attitude. Well, not you but you know what I mean, asshole. Arizona ain’t like that at all, not in the slightest bit. I use to live in Tucson. I remember, when I would train and worked. The time would just move so slowly. People were super happy all the time, and very mañana about things. Just completely two different speeds of life.

Arizona is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Everywhere you turn your head, there’s a beautiful landscape. Mountain range looks like a Cinnamon Mountain, something that should be on the Candy Land board. Combine with the dry heat, it makes a tranquil place. Sunrises and Sunsets are viewed from every direction. At night, the howls of the coyotes are a constant reminder that the wild isn’t far. The sky is so clear at night. You can see all the lighthouses, They look so bright. (Bioshock Infinite reference…keep up).

Street Art photo Dump!

Y’all know I fucking love my street art!!! THERE’S SO MUCH STREET IN AZ!!! legal and non-legal. My phone couldn’t take all the pictures. Y’all know how corny Apple is with that storage notification…mind you I already pay for the extra storage.

Old Scottsdale

I don’t remember the name of the street. The big main street runs downs into Old Scottsdale. People were every where! Cowboys, cowgirls, running kids, and square dancing. There was a country festival that was happening. I don’t know shit about country music but It was a fucking sick though!

The street is filled with galleries and stores. Gotta get the tourist dollar, I respect the hustle. In one of the windows, there was some Chuck Jones arts. OK, asshole. You better know who Chuck Jones is? If you don’t, get some google in your life. wow, I didn’t take any pictures of the Chuck Jones gallery. I guess I’m the asshole then ha. Further, into the gallery, I smarten up and started snapping pictures. Check it out.

Pemberton House

The Pemberton House is such a cool little spot. This place looks like Animal House was filmed there or something. When you first get there, pass the corny security, on your left. There’s an Airstream boutique, It came Straight out of the ’70s! The inside was small and cozy. yes, my big ass was able to fit. Most of the clothes in there were really small for me. I was still happy, I got to experience this place. It was really funky.

so funky man!!!

All outside the main frat house, there’s different little add-on shops. One was a bomb ass taco spot, as well this bar called Baby Boy(no pictures, but it’s fucking dope!), and 1-2 little breweries. There were little open areas to listen to live music and enjoy your food. Making my rounds, I ended up falling in love with a bunch of neon lights signs. snagged a couple of pictures around the property.

Killer Whale Sex Club

This bar is fucking rad! The outside looks like The painter was on an Acid trip. It’s one of them houses you’ll see on Snowfall or Boyz in the Hood. It’s cool as fuck just bright. When you get inside its super fucking small. Extremely low lit, and the walls painted black. A low tempo night club, how I would describe. There’s only tables in like the living room area. Everything else is standing room only. The drinks were pre-made but they were good and strong. Not sure if you want to take my word, I’m a light weight. Now for the spicy part. When you get the bar, you can see all the polaroid’s of boobs and booties on the wall. People over years just posted them. The place gets buckwild.

Goldfields Ghost Town

this cactus was fucking huge…The porch was holding the fucker up.
Rub on the Madam for good luck

Fun Fact: I love Ghost Towns. Most places I’ve been too I always try to look for ghost towns. Things I usually find are cool graffiti, beer cans, and used condoms. what is the issue with a used condoms and abandoned places?

Goldfields Ghost Town, an old gold mining town. The town was build in 1893. There were gold veins in the Superstitions Mountain. Miners from all over and came to the gold rush until the veins ran dry. Today, the town is still put together. Everything is museums and gift shops. If you ever in AZ, check this shit out.

All those miners needed to relieve some stress from work. They found relief in the local brothel. Which was the stagehand of the town success. The Brothal was ran by one woman, The Madam. She didnt play! She separated the house by the floors. Bottom floor were for the skinny, and diseased woman. Top floor was filled with the thiccums and cleaned ones. Back in those days, they figured ways to sterilize and search for sicknesses. When the men came, they always took baths before they were serviced. The water had little bit of whisky in it. When the woman bath them, to checked if they had any cuts and/or sores. The whiskey will make it sting. If they had it, the women would send their ass downs stairs.

Sedona is Choco Mountain…don’t @ me

Sedona is beautiful as fuck. We didn’t stay there very long unfortunately, but we made the best of the time we had. We stopped at Red Rock park. We went to a dispensary during happy hour, which was an experience. All while looking for a fucking hoodie.

Red Rock Park

My dumb ass didn’t think to bring a hoodie. I was walking around in t-shirt and shorts. Thinking it’s going to be hot. Didn’t take elevation into count. The Park was pretty overwhelming. Its fucking huge. We picked the javelina Path, hoping to see some. Unfortunately, we didn’t.

This video was taken on top of a cliff. Usually, nature has a sound it, it was silence. I gotta learn how to take scenery pictures and videos ha.

Hoodie Journey/Happy Hour

When I travel, I’m always looking for local merch. I usually try to bring old clothes and swap them out with the new clothes. My mission was to find a hoodie or a crewneck. That shit seemed impossible. We stopped at about 3-4 stores. It was either not my size or shit was whack. We spotted a Brewery that had some hoodies, but their neighbor caught our eye. The Dispensary. As they were cool and super chill as always. After getting our IDs checked, walked through the door, and there he was. The fucking unicorn. This tall, lanky dude was our clerk. He took the time and had a small talk with us, not even about weed but about the cool spots in Sedona. Mind you all I wanted was some edibles and a new pen. When we made our purchase, he started giving us additional things. There was buy one get one during happy hour. That shit was crazy. They didn’t have any hoodies either. Forgot about the brewery, walked around and found one of those, Life is good. Their hoodies were meh. There were so many I found that I loved but they didn’t have my size. I found one! it had Smokey the bear on it! I was fucking amped!!!… I didn’t snap a pic.

I really loved it in Sedona, kind of bummed I couldn’t spend more time there. I’ll put that on my trip list. Driving from Phoenix to Sedona is one of the best things ever, and everyone should experience it. Beautiful Scenery and windy roads, I promise it’s all worth it.

Vinyl Pick up

This past Christmas, I got a vinyl player. I always wanted one since I was a kid. It’s one of those things I could’ve bought one for myself a million times over but never did. So now, I’ve been slowly building my collection. This month I picked up, Mars Volta’s Landscape Tantrums. Which is an unedited version of De-Lousedin the Comatorium. Honestly, you ain’t really missing much. It sounds like a rough version of the album minus a few songs. It was more of a collector piece but I’m happy I own it.

Training with Jon Jones

For those of you who don’t know who Jon Jones is. Here are some little facts about him. He’s the greatest MMA fighter of all time. He was the longest-reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion. The dude is a beast. This is something that has been in the works for the longest. Took 4 months, but got it done.


Welp! that close out February. I never been to a country festival before. One day in this life time I will be able to afford a Chuck Jones piece. That man is a legend. I’ve been thinking about the havalina a lot lately, I’m kind of glad, I didn’t see one. The Pemberton is a must see place. Would you show your ass or your boobs to be on the wall? I have a really cute ass. Also stop asking me about who Jon Jones is fighting please. Let’s see what adventure we go on for March. Sorry for the weight, I love y’all

Monthly Recap: Meh January

January vibes are always meh. It’s a life-loading screen but without the tips. This month did give some small cool moments, such as taking the kids to the aquarium. Also I got grid locked in planning phase. Additionally, I’ve been playing a game called Greak: Memories of Azur. The game is so cool and unique. I’ll do a breakdown of it later on. Grab a warm drink and enjoy this monthly recap.

kids at the aquarium

Some battles…

The first week of Jan, I was in a battle with my ADHD. Getting work, 10-8 rounds. I would first be all in on one thing and then I would instantly leap on to something else. I would try and start to write or plan something but couldn’t finish them. Couldn’t finish anything, not even fucking laundry.

So I had to pull out the Strat book, get myself back in order. Here’s my little guide:

  1. Carve out ME time- I’m busy as fuck. Honestly, who isn’t. I looked at my schedule and found the perfect ME time spot. A private cancellation, I used that time to be productive. Gave me time to sit back and focus on my next moves.
  2. Make a list– All thoughts Ideas and plans that kept up late at night. I wrote them down. I know you’re reading this like “nigga, how many times we writing it down?!” As much as you can. We have so many thoughts a day. They’re constantly pasting by and there’s some that we keep on too. Some we forget. So write shit down unless you have hyperthymesia. it’s ok, I just learned it.
  3. Priorities your list- take all those ideas and put them in a groups of Main, Side, and Bonus
something like this. Excuse the chicken scratch but you get the fucking point…
  • MAIN- This is always things that you’re doing currently to get s better your life. Keep that stability going. Like getting more clients, closing on deals, making more sales, etc. These missions are always being worked on, and they’re fuel to your empire.
  • SECONDARY- These are your passions. Things that you really want to get after but the return isn’t enough to live off yet.
  • BONUS- This is the fun and lighthearted sections. Developing positive habits. financial goals, Draw something, study film, etc.

This restructure was something I needed. It’s going on 4 weeks since I started doing this ,its made life so much easier. I also gotta tell ya’ll about this Greek game. I’ve been geeking over.

Geekin over Greak!! 🙂

OK! ya’ll know Siege is my fucking game. My other love is Indie games. They’re so cool and unique, usually very well made. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Greak: Memories of Azur. The game is developed by Navegante Entertainment. Published by the gang that brought us all the Worms games, Team 17.


So little homie Greak and his Siblings, Raydel and Adara. They’re a magical race called Courines. The Courines with this asshole race, The Urlags. They’re kinda of like orcs. Bassically cool names for Elves and Orcs. I still respect the creativity. The Urlags are trying to pull some genocide shit. My man Greak and his clique aint having that shit.


The gameplay is fire!!! It’s a side scroller platformer with a little cute twist. You’re controlling all three character at the same. DON’T SLEEP!! that shit gets tough and take some use to getting too. In my opinion, that’s the biggest challenge so far (i didnt finsh the game yet). While you’re in the middle of the fights, you have to be very mindful of the other characters locations and statuses. All while fully controlling the one your fighting with. Kinda fucked up right? Each character has their own little play style, here’s breakdown.


Baby Boi Greak

He puts out medium damage with a one handed sword, which pairs nicely with high attack speed. Little guy has a combat roll, which is Patrick Roy clutch sometimes. He the youngest which comes with some draw backs such as lung compacity. Poor dude can’t swim under for long. They did reward him with a crossbow, that can help you cause a ton of chip damage in some boss fights.

…Adara, the mid child.

Look…at first, I thought she would’ve been the shit. She’s the middle child and I’m the middle child, we could’ve been had that bond but nooo! she had to be the most fucking mid character. Adara is the ranged character. So she has this arcane power, which is alright I guess. Dope thing about it, it travels to the enemies. Additional to her standard double jump, she can float freely for short period of time. Her dodge is this whack ass backstep to create space. It’s not effective in most fights due to all most enemies attacks travels across the board. In the water, she’s a fucking fish. She’s crazy lung compacity, and she swims super fast.

Raydel!!!!! my fucking dawg!!!!!!!!

That’s my fucking guy!!!!!!!! He’s the tank of the clique, wielding SnS (Shield and Sword…keep up). He puts out more damage than his other two younger siblings. Instead of having a dodge, he doesn’t because he ain’t scared. That motherfucka anchors down and takes on the damage with that shield. He has a fucking grappling hook, enough said. The biggest draw back, the motherfucka can’t swim. You always have to make big brain plays to move him around water. He’s still my guy!

So far the game is fucking dope. The storyline is simple, yet fun and it keeps you attention. The character juggling creates a fun, addicting gameplay. You should scoop it if you want something new to play, its a switch game. Only 8 hours of game play. That shit get a switch game.


So that’s if for January, nothing really exciting. I did plan a trip to Arizona. I’m fucking busting!!! So excited to go. Fun fact: Arizona is my favorite place. Something about that place calls my name. February is going to be sick, just you wait. I’m awful at good byes but I’ll see yall and love yall very mucho

Month Recaps: Nov/Dec same shit

Our November and December the same month? I feel like it anyway. There should only be 10 months. November is all about giving and giving thanks but December is all about giving and feeling merry and shit. It’s kinda the same shit (Larry David Voice). Thanksgiving dinner, a turkey, some sides, and some assholes who stayed way too long at your house. Christmas dinner, a ham, some sides, and some assholes and their fucking kids staying over way too long. Same shit. Both months leave you flat broke. Thanksgiving, you can get a food stamp to connect to help with the cost. Christmas, you better start selling dope to cover them, damn kids, cost. Toys aint cheap. The last two months have been meh. Nothing major. Here’s the recap.

Nut Bustin November

Battle Ship Cove

I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE BATTLESHIP COVE!!!! My family has been living in Fall River for years. I have never been. One lonely ass day in November and I decided to check it out and I loved everything about it. Walked into the gift shop. I met a cool ass girl named Decklin. Noticed she was rocking a Legend of Zelda beanie on. “What’s your favorite Legend of Zelda?”. I asked with curiosity and looking forward to brightening up her day a bit, also I totally knew what she says gonna say. Taken completely off guard, that boring dull look went from a Kool-Aid smile across her face. “I love Ocarina of Time!!! that game made me want to play the ocarina when I was in high school. That shit was hard!!! haha” She chuckled as she swiftly bagged my gifts. We chatted about her love for Resident Evil. ” I want to play Breathe of the Wild but I didn’t want to drop the money on a switch for one game. Now, I have a switch. I have to finish Resident evil remakes.” She goes on to explain her friend streams. ” I watch my friend’s streams to bait out the jump scares for when I play haha” We both chuckled and said our goodbyes ad I exited the store. On to the ship.

Walked through the Kennedy Jr. Holy Shit! was that cool. I took a couple of pictures. I ain’t no fucking Ansel Adams but ya boi know how to use an iPhone.

The thing I love about history, it allows my imagination to run wild. Trying to put me in the times. It’s pretty fun. First of all, running around these damn ships. I would need a full-on stretch routine, day and night. Being 6’4″ running around in the ship isn’t the movement in the slightest bit.

backgammon, really?

I got to the café. It was my favorite not gonna lie. I’m not an Empath asshole, but the energy from the past soldiers still remained. Definitely school cafe vibes. People getting roasted, people into fights, etc. It must’ve been lit. I just don’t understand the backgammon table. Like backgammon is soo fucking Mid. I get it, it’s one of the older games or whatever but shit can’t get poppin with backgammon. I don’t remember how to play it. You’re on a boat heading out to war and you bring a backgammon board. Like What the fuck? Coming to think about it, it’s actually trash tier compared to the other two board games(checkers and chess). Checkers would’ve gotten poppin up in here. Everyone knows how to play, motherfuckas can get it cracking in here! Chess is a thinking man game. it’s dope but this isn’t the place. backgammon, you’ll be lucky if you get a game or two. Ain’t many people know how to play that shit. Backgammon is the last game I wanna play before I die. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

This is my December…

December was dead as fuck. Nothing really to write honestly. I haven’t been feeling like myself. I caught myself going down this negative spiral. I haven’t been treating myself the best either. I know it’s not permanent but it’s still a moment. As always I get up and dust myself off. That’s seasonal depression for ya, it’s all good though. Christmas and NYE were pretty mid as well. Wait! fuck that I lied! Christmas I got a fucking Vinyl player!!!!! I’m so fucking geeked about it! also, I just bought the New Mars Volta De-Loused in the Comatorium unreleased version or something like that. You know how they are dropping mad versions of their albums. Looking forward to some vinyl shopping. That’s all I got for ya’ll. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Writing prompt #2

Letter to Self: Write a letter to your 12-year-old self.

Dear Mickey,
Let’s get something out the way, stop running that fucking water deck. I get it your initials are “MER” but that doesn’t mean you need to run the deck, kid. Sorry, but you ain’t winning shit with that deck. Sell the pieces and get something like Gadgets, Tomato Control, and/or DDT (Diamond Dude Turbo…keep up). The game is way too control-heavy at the moment. Gotta keep up.

You’re not stuck. Despite the people, you are surrounded by saying or doing. The world isn’t bitter, despite what you’ve been shown. You don’t have to be afraid. You’re different. You’re smart, creative, and hard-working.

Always remember you’re strong. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. You’ve always stood up against bullies and taken them on. You put yourself in harm’s way, just to save other assholes. Remember when you walked home from school. You were beefin with those Southern Ave boys for that kid from your school. Motherfucker didn’t even help you. You were getting jumped, while he got on the 22 to Jackson. Playing his corny ass PSP. Oh, what about when you fought Harold. He was talking shit to his girl, which was your friend at the time. He fucked you up and dragged you across the classroom, but you still fought him. He and all the other hoods had mad respect for after that. Keep that! Grow from that.

Some personal shit. Being dyslexic and having ADD/ADHD doesn’t mean dick. Nothing at all. You can accomplish anything your little heart desire.

“This nigga mick is slow”

“Mick, nigga you can’t read”

“Stop being a bitch”

“Stop being so fucking dainty”

Fuck them. You’re fucking amazing. Be authentic forever and always. Being you is the greatest gift you can give to this fucking world? Listening to the bullshit people try to project onto you, stunts your growth. Don’t let that shit happen. Listen to your voice.

Your parents. Don’t hate them. They did their best. They’re still trying to find themselves. You’re too young to actually understand, but they’ve lost as well.

Your mom. She is trying her best to raise you three assholes. She may not have the best solutions to problems, but she tries her best. I know you think she doesn’t care about you because she never supports you. Someone had to pay the rent. She loves you so very much, and supports you. When nobody’s there for you, mommy is the only one that’s there for you. You don’t know it, but She’s really depressed. She feels hopeless and feels very stagnant. Be nice to her, she needs you guys as much as you need her.

Your Dad. Don’t hate him. It’s wasted energy. Well, you never had hate for him. Once you meet him, you’ll see he’s pretty cool. He also loves you. He’s trying his best to make up for the lost time. Also, the dude is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet.
*SPOILER,* You don’t have a sister. The little girl you use to play with, on Ruggle Street. She ain’t your sister. You’re his only child.

Your Friends. Let’s start with the kids in the neighborhood. Those kids are assholes. Straight up. These dudes are stealing cars, selling them to the Chop Shops around the way. *SPOILER,* We had to participate in a couple of those, we needed the bread. You don’t need to be involved in that stuff. School friends? Legit, only like 4 of them. The rest just fade. Except for Renard, that’s my dog. Your friends you meet at the Baker House. Those are you fucking guys. You’re going to be stuck with them. They’ll be there with you through it all. So treat them great.

Well, kid, that’s all I have to tell ya. Your resilience, creativity, and your personality will help you through life. Combine with your strong work ethic, you’ll make a good life for yourself. Don’t be afraid, be bold, and get after your goals and dreams.


Morning Prompts #1: Positive impact

Morning Routines are my shit! I’m always getting up and ready to attack the day. I tried to leave the house with that BFE(Big fucking energy). Here is my routine:

  • Obviously, the boring stuff first. SSS(shower, shit, shave), etc.
  • Gotta get a Meddie in! Meditation…keep up
  • Breakfast and Coffee. Coffee Black. Breakfast, usually something light and healthy…or at least try too.
  • *NEW* Writing Prompts!! That shit slaps!

Writing Prompts are super fucking fun. I added this weekend and love it. I’ll be sharing some with you lovely folks. This one I wrote this morning, enjoy!

Positive Impact:Write about someone who made a positive impact on your when you were a child?

My Grandma is a tough cookie. Very resilient woman. This woman is a funny, kind, energetic, and caretaker. She’s also wicked smaht.

I took her and my mom out for sushi…neither one of them like sushi

As a child, I didn’t know much about my grandma. Besides her being my grandma and from the Dominican Republic. Of course, she was my mother’s mom. I spent a lot of time with her growing up. All she spoke was Spanish and all I spoke was English. It didn’t really matter anyway, I understood way better than I spoke. So most of our interactions were me, just listening. Listen to her tell me stories, listen to sing beautiful Spanish songs about love. Occasionally, She would even tell me stories of my dad. When she told them, she always seemed a little bothersome and disappointing. She always had something to say, and she knew she always had someone to listen to.

I picked up her mindful spending. She would only shop for things that she needed. She was huge on that. If we wanted something, she always replied:

"Compras las cosas que necesitas y trabajas por las cosas que quieres"(English: You buy the things you need and work for the things you want)

She would know what she needed or what she already had at home without even checking. I’m still trying to unlock that skill in my adulthood.

When she would leave after her weekend visits. There was always money left in my top drawer. She would hug me and tell me:

"no le digas a nadie y guarda tu dinero." (English: Don't tell no one and save your money)

My dumb ass never listen, I would rub it in my brother’s face and buy YuGiOh cards. We all were young and dumb.

She gave us the gift of Resilience. All my life, I was always told, That I’m resilient. For a long time, I didn’t even know where I got this from. I’m not sure if it is, but it has gotta be somewhat genetic, right? If so, we definitely got it from her. My mother is the same way.

Her Husband was a piece of shit. Straight up. Yeah, my grandfather. Fuck him. Controlled, manipulated, and even got shot, the poor woman experienced it all. All while trying to juggle the motherhood of two little girls. Getting the girls away from that havoc, they escaped. She moved to Massachusetts to start a new life. Today, her little cute self just hangs out with the family and watches her novelas. She’s a strong woman.

Her story always moved me. I didn’t know it when I was a kid, but understanding it now as an adult, makes me appreciate it so much more. She’s been through a bunch of shit to get us here. You can’t learn Resilience, it’s inborn. Grandma is the goat.

Monthly Recap: Bonding October

I never been to any Oktoberfest before. I’d thought I’d share that fact with you. October was fun, gentle and easy. Watching a fuck ton of Seinfeld. Like a fuck ton, it never gets old. The month was also filled with adventure. Spent some time in Dominican Republic, visiting family and friends. checked out the local mma scene and ate so many chimis !!! Good fucking times! Here’s October’s Recap!

El Calishe De Manguagabo

Family Bonding was never my strong suite. While the family is doing whatever, I would be over there fucking around playing yugioh or some shit. I loved my family, I just became so curious of the the outside world. Recently, I reconnect with my family. We took a family trip to Santo Domingo. My Grandma, My aunt, my mom and El Pepe( that’s my dude we will talk about him later on, he deserves his own post). At first, I thought it was going to be the most boring trip ever. Boy, was I wrong.

It’s been roughly 15-20 years since the last time i was there. Santo Domingo is beautiful, also wild as fuck. Probably one of the few places where you can get drunk, dance robbed, stabbed, shot, feed, relieved, and hustled all in first step off the plane. It’s wild but fun.

first thing I noticed. The place hasn’t changed much. Sure there was a bunch of new people living in the area but as far of the foundation. It was all the same. All my cousins and friends all aged so well, they all look the the same. All parents of the area, either left or moved to another location. All of their children stayed in the area and lived in the houses they grew up. Something in that was beautiful. I loved everything about that.

Nivel de Felicidad

I have an older cousin, his name is Tony. One of the coolest kindest people I ever met. Every Summer when my mom would ship us to Santo Domingo to get away from all the street violence in Boston. Him, David( another cousin of mine) and I, were the three amigos. We would hangout with every single day. He was three years older than us and he was a fucking computer whiz.

Today, Tony is fucking crushing it. He owns a successful cyber security company. He’s a father of 2. He looked so fucking happy. Though he constantly made jokes about losing the little beer belly he was a growing. Kept asking me tips on how to get abs, while crushing a jumbo Presidente. We talked for hours. Wasn’t enough to make up for the last 15-20 years but we tried to cramp that bitch in there. I asked him what was the secret to his happiness. “vive simple” he said. Of course, I looked at him like he disrespected your mother.Mantén la vida simple y fácil.” He repeated at least 20 times during the whole conversation.

El Tony haha 😂

I let him go into a drunken rant about all the things that’s been going on. I just listened like he was reading a bedtime story. Honestly, I was so drunk I didn’t remember everything nor did I write key parts down. I asked him why he never left. I wanted to know so bad. He looked at me dead in my face and said “¿para qué?“. At this point, I felt like the whole room playing a trick on me. He gave me another one of those looks like I should’ve known the answer. Pouring another cup of Presidente, laughted and stated “la gente se va porque busca algo. Tengo todo lo que quiero y necesito aquí. Hice lo que buscaba.” he grabbed his keys and we walked out the door for chimis.

Halloween with The kiddos

The Skeleton kid is their friend Henry. He’s cool, he’s like Darwin he found us.(if you know, you can sit at the table)

Halloween was pretty cool. So Em and Ro changed their costumes like five times. First, Em wanted to be Smoke from Rainbow Six Siege.

I’m researching for the pieces to his outfit. This dude decides to tell me, “I think I want to be Master Chief.” the kid played Fortnite one time and all of sudden he’s OGRE2(google him. he’s nazty).

That’s my mom and Ro.

Ro…that little girl needs to get a job. Ya’ll know Halloween stores be juicing the price. We in the store, She decided all the kids costumes are boring. Once she started talking shit, i knew she had something in mind. which I’m usually cool but I don’t got that Jon Jones’s money. She wanted to be a Zombie cheerleader, but she had to make her own costume. of course, she didn’t have costume money.

My mom loves Halloween. Fucking loves it. Every year, she dresses up and legit go trick or treat with the kids. People love it. She always has a full bag at the the end of the night.

October Review

Rating: 5/5
Take aways:
1. Gotta spend time with family! The DR trip was an eye opener for sure. Learned on so much about my family and their past. It was awesome! Can’t til next time. I won’t wait 15-20 years this time.
2. I learned how to actually relax. I actually did nothing and just enjoyed my time.
3. Learned how to cook Domincian Food.

Notebook Rant #2

One random afternoon, Rowyn( my 4 year old daughter) and I were hanging out in the living room. I always wanted to get into interviews, so I decided to make her my little test subject. Asked her standard run of the mill questions that you’ll ask a 4 year old. It was pretty fun.

3/25-Interview with Rowyn

She was feeling herself this day lmao 🤣

Me: Hello RoRo!!!
RoRo: Hi Daddy
Me: What’s your full name?
RoRo: You know my name…
Me: I know but I’m interviewing you.
RoRo: Rowyn Everly Rodriguez
Me: How old are you?
RoRo: Daddy, you know how old I am…
Me: Remember it’s an Interview
RoRo: I’m 4 (she rolled her eyes)
(she always has an attitude on the ready)
Me: Where do you live?
RoRo: North Andover
Me: What’s your favorite color?
(she thought about it for a bit)
RoRo: Well, today I like Pink
Me: Does your colors change?
RoRo: Sometimes
Me: Like to what?
RoRo: Purple, Red, and sometimes Black
Me: Interesting
(I was little puzzled but I continued)
Me: What’s your favorite foods?
RoRo: Carrots, Broccoli, Mushrooms, and Beans
Me: You’re lying…
(She instantly started laughing)
Me: I know you love broccoli but I literally never seen you eat any of the other things.
Maybe beans.
(She laughed some and walked to the fridge. Grabbed some baby carrorts, sat down in her original position. smile) RoRo- See, I love carrots.
Me: Moving on, what’s your favorite drink?
RoRo: Juice and water
Me: What kind of juice?
RoRo: Oh daddy, you remember that juice you bought me the other day?
Me: Yeah…
RoRo: That one.
(über confused at the moment. trying to think what juice I bought her the other day. I knew the juice just didn’t know the flavor)
RoRo: The strawberry watermelon one!!!
Me: Oh yeah! I remembered the juice just forgot the flavor.
RoRo: It was so good. Can we get more?
Me: Sure after this interview.
Me: Alright, what’s your favorite movie
RoRo: Frozen 2
Me: (me being an agitator)- I thought it was meh
RoRo: Stop it!
( we chuckled a bit)
Me: What’s your favorite cartoon?
RoRo: (she screamed with excitement) SPIRIT!!!
Me: Why you like it so much?
RoRo: The horses and Lucky
Me: Makes sense.
Me: What’s your favorite snacks?
RoRo: Cheez-its and those Cheese balls, you got last night.
(we both nod. them shits were slapping last night)
Me: Where’s your favorite place?
(popped a baby carrot in her mouth. thought really hard about it)
RoRo: The park
Me: Which park? or all the parks?
RoRo: Umm the firetruck park, the castle park, and that’s it.
Me: In that order?
RoRo: Yes
Me: Who are the members of your family?
(she paused and looked at me with the “you asked a stupid question” stare while chomping on a carrot)
RoRo: You know who in my family…
Me: I’m trying to interview you, lady! work with me. (In a playful manor)
RoRo: I am (started laughing). You, Me, Mommy, Em, Auntie Dum, Koko, Grammie, and Papa, and Grandma. oh yeah, India and Jada too.
(she sat there thinking over everything.)
Me: What’s your favorite things love to do?
RoRo: Umm I love when I snuggle with mama in the morning. playing with Em is good too.
Me: Ayoo hold up, You don’t like hanging with me?
(She instantly started laughing)
RoRo: I do.
Me: You don’t care. Next question. What’s your favorite animal?
(she gave me that stupid question stare again)
RoRo: Come on daddy, Unicorns. you know that.
Me: I didn’t know that.(acting oblivious)
Me: Ok, last question and then we have to get you the tub. If I had a dollar, would you split it with me?
(She was super confused)
RoRo: How?
Me: Make Change and split with me.
RoRo: I have a dollar in my piggy bank.
Me: Will you split it with me?
RoRo: No (she started laughing and ran off)

Win/Lost: Ganar, Pérdida,이기다,상실

Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. Winning makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Losing makes you feel like a forgotten ant. They’re both unavoidable outcomes, and both competitors have to carry those results. Whatever you do, just keep in mind: “these outcomes, don’t define who you are.”

Catan is my fucking game!!!… I was looking for a competitive picture and I found this. This game gets super sweaty! Highly recommend it if you haven’t played it


Ain’t nothing like busting someone’s ass! It’s the shit. There are not many athletes who can predict their own wins unless you’re going up against a can (easy competition) or Mystic Mac. Everyone wants to be around a winner. From your Ex to your 3rd-grade class neighbor. The asshole wasn’t even in your class, he was next door. They’re all knocking at your DMs. Everyone wants to hang out with you. It’s fucking wild. You get some perks. More attention from the media, a lot of business opportunities, even skip lines. The club wants you in there! It’s like society puts a temporary buff on you.

YOU WINNING BITCH! You got this new swag! Confidence through the fucking roof, all while keeping it humble. You develop a second drive, Consistency. Becoming more focused and sharp. “Winning fucking matters” constantly repeating to yourself. “Winning fucking matters!”(say it with me now). Your new “WFM” mindset will start to lead your lifestyle. Paying Attention to your sleep, diet, stress. You’ll even start to be cautious of what assholes you train with. You want people to push you. People that will match your work ethic. WFM Mindset is a balancing act as well. You can’t get overzealous, nobody likes a cocky asshole. You still have to remain humble and still stay on your toes. You have a target on your back. Motherfuckers see you winning, and they want to dethrone off it. Be careful though, even some of your teammates are lurking in the shadows waiting for you to fall. Damn, all those variables. The room is closing in on you. The fuck are you gonna do with all the pressure?


All that winning comes with a heavy ass cost. You usually get greeted by pressure. Some can hold on to it like it doesn’t fucking matter. Unlike the opposite end, that shit crushes motherfuckers. It all depends on who you ask if it’s real or not. Filling that gym bag with your pressure and gear, that bag gets heavy. People struggle with it even in regular day-to-day life. In the fighting world, it makes or breaks you. That pressure is fucking demanding and eats away at some, but that is not you. You’re a fucking winner! Until you’re not.

Losing or Learning…No, Motherfucker Losing is Losing/przegrywający

Losing sucks! Nobody likes losing. Fuck, it has to be giving out. Nobody goes into anything ready to lose. Also, nobody is going into something thinking they’re going to lose. If so, you can’t sit at the table.

You usually don’t hear from people after a loss. Which yo dry ass phone. If you do, it’s typically your day ones and your parents. You’ll always hear from your parents. Always. It’s not on purpose. People just always think you need space after losing. In reality, it’s the quite opposite. If you’re ever confused about who rides for you or not, all you have to do is lose. You’ll see who is really there for you or not.


Oh! yes! How can I forget the trolls and haters? Those motherfuckers will try anything in their power to affect you. They’ll inbox you all sorts of shit.
“You deserve to be in the D league”
“You’re fucking trash”
“Your mother should disown you!”
All sorts of wild shit, man. The Gamblers are my favorite. They’re usually very straightforward. “bruh, you cost me so much money”. They’re never mean, though.

You hate losing, I know. It hurts. Every Competitor hates it. Don’t view yourself as a loser, you just have to accept it for this outing. It’s reality, it’s a hard pill to swallow. It doesn’t define you, you’ll grow from it. The best teacher is lost. Don’t sweat it, you’ll look back at this and say, “I would fuck the old me up”. You’ll get better and become a savage. That comes with time, and there will be a couple of more losses before you’re are on your way to savagery. Ask yourself, “Does winning/losing it REALLY matter?”

Winning/Losing does it really fucking matter?/Gewinnen/Verlieren ist es wirklich withtig

Personally, yes it does. I always try to win. Always(Keith Stone Voice). When I come up short, it used to destroy me. From the inside out. I would disconnect from loved ones. I would project my feelings on them. Just absolutely depressed about it. Over the course of my career, I learned how to cope with it a lot better. Once I started doing other things I started to get the fulfillment that fighting gives me, it became less important to me. There was more to life than winning/losing. I lost that gut desire to compete. Felt that I had to kick-start my motivation to compete at the start of every fight. That’s my story, it doesn’t have to be yours.

If Winning/Losing is important to you, then go get that shit. I’ll be in your corner all the way through. For the wins and loses. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. This post isn’t to discourage you, just to educate you. I just wanted to give the truth. Now go get after it, my little fighter boy/girl. Go hard after it, even if you’re afraid of the outcome. Then you can come to sit at the table. Love y’all, stay true.